Payette Lake Chapter ‘Chase For The Ace Run’ on Payette Lake held August 22nd

The Payette Lake chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society held their 1st annual ‘Chase For The Ace’ poker run on Payette Lake in McCall, ID on August 22nd.

August 22nd began as a cool, overcast day hampered by smoke from fires raging throughout the west. But after having to cancel this year’s boat show on beautiful Payette Lake we were determined to maintain our social distancing on the lake with the fun run. The temperatures were predicted to be in the mid-80s, great for a late summer day on the water. There was a nice breeze, but not so much that it caused high waves. All-in-all a perfect day for our planned poker run.

Everyone formed up at the municipal docks at Art Roberts Park in McCall. Nine boats showed up that covered the gambit of antique as well as classic models. We had a total of 24 people driving and riding.

Holly provided some breakfast snacks at the dock and then we were off to the first stop – Steve Ryberg’s dock on the west side of the lake. The parade of boats to the first stop got lots of thumbs up from those viewing along the shore. At Steve’s he handed out envelopes with the first cards using a long pole from his dock.

The second stop was at North Beach where we handed out the second envelopes with cards from the back of Brown Eyed Girl. I think we could have used a longer pole as a couple boats came real close! The third stop was at the docks of Camp Alice Pittenger and the fourth stop at the docks of Paradise Point. Then it was back to North Beach for the final card and lunch.

At North Beach we pulled the boats ashore on the beach and got them squared away. We awarded several prizes. Best poker hand went to our chapter president Greg Plummer, with a full house. I still think we need to investigate how this happened! The prize basket included a wood boating hat, a Patron floating key chain, a woody boater mask, a bottle of wine with a life preserver (just in case it fell over the side) and an American Runabout history book. Second best poker hand prize went to Lori Putman with a pair of Jacks. Her prize was a Payette Lake embroidered hat plus a woody boater mask. Worst hand prize (I won’t reveal what it was) went to Patricia Minor. Her prize was a pair of drink coolies labeled ‘Captain’ and ‘First Mate’ plus a woody boater mask. Who is going to wear which hat Patricia?

We had a vote for best dressed captain. The vote was unanimous for Jeff Stoddard. Unfortunately Jeff and Chris broke down at stop three and didn’t make it to the finish. Jeff, we all have been there. His prize for best dressed captain was a pair of boat slippers to complete his look.

President Greg and his lovely wife Laura provided fresh made sandwiches along with drinks and snacks to finish out the outing. After some time to socialize we all climbed back in our boats for the run back to McCall. The chapter appreciates everyone joining us and hopes all had a good time. We will be doing more of this throughout the year. Looking forward to seeing everyone at next year’s ‘Run For The Ace’.